witch hazel

Witch hazel ‘Jelena’ (Hamamelis ‘Jelena’) will cast a spell on you during the cold months of winter. Its unique flowers emerge while it’s still very cold outside. ‘Jelena’ grows up 8 to 12 ft tall and wide, with ascending, spreading  stems and leaves that turn orange and red in autumn. A slow grower, ‘Jelena’ grows best in zones 5-8.  It’s coppery colored, fragrant flowers make this shrub a pleasant feature among the late winter landscape. Flaunting stunningly vibrant orange and red flowers, its twisted petals appear on bare stems in midwinter through early spring. Here in Ohio, we expect the flowers to emerge between February and March. This deciduous shrub makes a special contribution to the landscape by blooming among an otherwise bare and sometimes snowy landscape. Keep your eyes out for this beautiful shrub, it only blooms once a year and you wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing its playful display of color!





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